Sofa cleaning

Sofa Cleaning– Our sofas and soft furniture that we come into contact with every day in our offices, workplaces and homes need to be cleaned in a certain period of time. These home or office items that are used throughout the day get dirt, stains, dust and become discolored and discolored.

In fact, this is only part of the appearance of our sofas and soft furniture. And the germs and bacteria inside the couch are the scary part.

Babies in our homes come in contact with these things through their mouths and it is very risky and dangerous for the lives of our dear ones and babies.

Cleaning products for Sofa Cleaning

The cleaning products used for washing sofas and soft furniture are completely different from the cleaning products sold in markets.

Each of the cleaning products used for cleaning in sofa and upholstery cleaning companies are specially formulated antibacterial stain remover detergents that are harmless to health.

When washing sofas and upholstered furniture, these shampoos do not cause any fading, discoloration or damage to the color and material of the fabric. On the contrary, it creates a new look and a nice smelling effect on your sofa and soft furniture.

Equipment used for sofa washing 2021

As we said, the drugs and shampoos used for washing sofas and upholstered furniture are antibacterial cleaning agents that are harmless to health. In addition, the equipment we use for cleaning is high-quality professional cleaning equipment, with which the dirtiest sofas and armchairs can be whitewashed and returned to their original condition.

With the steam machine used for washing the sofa, the stains and dirt on the sofa are completely softened and then shampooed and brushed. During brushing, the dirt in the fabric of the sofa is revealed.

Then it is vacuumed and soaked again. This procedure is repeated and the impurities contained in the sofa are completely removed with a high pressure device. After that, little moisture remains in the sofa.

It takes a day to dry completely.
The price for sofa and chair washing is calculated by the number of sofa seats. So, one seat of sofa and armchair is calculated from 15 manats, which is lower than the prices of other companies.

Maximum Cleaning company considers your budget and sets sofa cleaning prices at a minimum. It offers you the maximum limit of quality. So, use our sofa washing service and enjoy maximum cleanliness. Sofa and upholstered furniture washing