Curtain Washing
Curtain Washing-Curtains are both the part of our house facing the outside and the interior decoration of our house. The cleanliness of the curtains is a value that shows our cleanliness.

In any situation, cleaning and antibacterial washing of curtains is one of the important conditions. However, we know that organizing this cleaning at home is a difficult task. Therefore, it is imperative that companies with experience in this field do this work.

In other cases, as a result of improper work, our curtains or our health may be damaged. For example: Curtains that are not rinsed well after washing can lead to allergies or other respiratory diseases when breathing at home. Also, improperly washed curtains may cause color mixing, tearing or other damage to the curtains

Therefore, it is necessary to do some research when choosing a curtain cleaning company. “Maximum Cleaning” Curtain Washing company, which has extensive experience in this field, is always at your service with its service team. Why “Maximum cleaning” company?

Of course, for every customer, antibacterial washing of these curtains, nice smell from the curtains, impeccable service and on-time delivery are very important. For this reason, the company “Maximum Temizlik” has always considered customer satisfaction as the main goal.

To order, you can enter the website and write the address and contact numbers in the order section by email to [email protected] or contact our operators by calling 012 555 20 62,050 555 20 62,055 670 43 43.

Our operators, who receive the address, forward the address to the service service in a short time and the service service receives your curtains from your homes at a convenient time. Curtains are brought to our company, classified and washed according to their type.

During curtain washing, professional cleaning products are used and this work is done by an experienced team.
After your curtains are washed, they are dried indoors. After it is completely dried, the perfume is applied according to the customer’s request and delivered to the address.

It should be noted that our curtain washing company offers you this work at discounted prices. 1 meter of curtain is washed for 2 manats. Shuttle service is free. No shuttle service fee is charged for pick-up and drop-off.
Maximum cleaning curtain washing Our company is at our service every day of the week. To order, you can contact the city numbers 012 555 20 62, mobile numbers 055 555 20 62 and 055 670 43 43. You can contact our operators about the provided services or get additional information from the services section of our website www.maksimumtemizlik. little. You can also order from the chat section of our website and from our social network accounts

Curtain washing
Curtain washing